SenoSofia offers you professional solutions for processing and production of cable products with very high quality of manufacturing. Our aims are to offer only products, machines and solutions with the highest class of preciseness and productivity. With our service and consultant services we will help you achieve the desired results.


55In finding the best solutions for your needs, our experiences employees will analyze the necessary machines, the needed processes, so the optimal solution for your needs to be found.


66Before the start of every new production it is very important to make an evaluation and research of the complete process so the best possible solutions to be used that will lead to the best results.


22We offer professional consultant services for engineering, production analysis and production rates evaluations, which will help you to optimize your production process.


finansiOur goal is to find the best possible solution for financing of machine purchase. There are different possibilities for leasing or rent, options for budgeting and financial efficiency. Please contact us to discuss additional possibilitie.




instalThe professional installation is the key to the good production start. Our experts will guide you thru the main functions of the equipment. We will install your machines and equipment and together with you we will produce the first samples of your products.


77The installation of new machines and software solutions requires time and professional experience. For a problem-free production and to avoid lower production efficiency our service engineers are ready to support you and your employees in every stage of the production process.


obuchenieFor you to be able to get the maximum capabilities of your equipment it will be very important to participate in our professional training programs. Depending on your location we offer a variety of personalized or standard events. You can chose trainings from the machine manufacturers locally at your plant or at our training facilities or even web-based trainings and demonstration. Please ask us for the available possibilities.


44The first stage of production is very important for achieving high-efficient results. The correct concept and know-how will guarantee the achievement of this goal.