PullTester 325


The PullTester 325 is a triple-range, motorized benchtop device for measuring pull forces of crimp connections, welded connections or many other possibilities. The triple-range capability gives the PullTester 325 incredible application flexibility to handle a wide variety of testing applications. Furthermore, this unique capability provides greater accuracy on a broader range of wires than single-range pull-test devices. The PullTester 325 is specially suited for quality assurance in a production environment.

  • 3 selectable force ranges for improved accuracy over a wider range of wires

  • 2 selectable pulling rates

  • Speed-controlled motor for consistent pull rates

  • Simple LCD display for easy programming & reading

  • Repeatable & accurate data

  • Variety of possible terminal (crimp) and wire holders

  • Standard RS 232 interface for curve analysis with optional WinCrimp PC software