PullTester 320


Schleuniger’s PullTester 320 is a motorized device for use with Schleuniger CrimpCenter automatic crimping machines to measure pull-test forces of wire terminations. Pull-test values are critical parameters for quality control and assurance. This versatile machine has three measuring ranges, which are individually calibrated. Multiple pulling ranges offer a higher accuracy over the entire device range than single-range devices. The standard measuring ranges are 100 N, 200 N and 1,000 N (22.5 lbf., 45 lbf., and 220 lbf.). The PullTester 320, with its triple-range capability, ensures the highest accuracy over the widest range of applications.

Hand-actuated or pneumatic pull-test devices can give inconsistent data depending on the operator or pull rate. Some standards specify that a test device must pull with a specific, constant rate. The Schleuniger PullTester 320 offers four selectable pulling rates consistent with the most common specifications. It is equipped with a speed-controlled motor, ensuring consistent pull rates throughout the complete measurement cycle resulting in repeatable and accurate data. Pull forces can be measured in poundforce, Newtons or kiloponds. All necessary testing parameters are programmed via the CrimpCenter EASY software and saved with individual jobs for easy recall.