PullTester 26T


The PullTester 26T is a motor-driven benchtop device designed to ensure the critical pull-force values of crimped, welded, plugged and other connections for quality control and assurance. The measuring range of the PullTester 26T is divided into two separately calibratable levels, measures pull-off forces up to 200 and 1000 N with uniform and constant pulling speed and thus ensures extremely reliable measuring results. The standard 12-position contacting allows the testing of most applications in these measuring ranges. Other holding fixtures are available on request according to specification.

Thanks to the PullTester 26T, companies can keep their quality standards constant and guarantee their customers the safety of crimped products. The device is easy to install and use: The 7-inch color touchscreen, which displays the pull-off curve in real time during the entire work process, allows data and measurement tasks for different crimp connections to be entered easily and comfortably. Pull-off values, pull-off curves, statistics, jobs and measurements can be stored in the internal memory.

  • Real-time force diagram

  • Adjustable pulling speeds

  • Extended pulling modes for destructive, nondestructive and cyclic tests

  • User-friendly 7-inch color touchscreen

  • New user interface for simple handling

  • Storage of forces, curves, statistics and measured values