SawInspect System 6


The SawInspect System 6 (SIS 6) is an innovative new product that provides crimp quality assurance and quality control to the wire processing industry. This extremely compact sawing and inspection system is used to quickly create and analyze crimp cross sections by combining three individual Schleuniger quality products into one complete system:

  • The precision cutting of the SawPolish Unit (SPU 6)

  • The high-quality microscope of the MacroZoom Unit (MZU 1.3)

  • The electrolyte staining of the ElectrolyteStaining Unit (ESU 6)

The SIS 6 allows users to create cross-sectioned samples in just a few quick steps. The individual sample is placed in the holder and aligned with the saw blade. The unique blade is designed to provide a very clean cut that does not require polishing. After cutting, the sample holder is quickly moved from the blade to the microscope with the use of guide rails. The sample holder rotates 90º allowing for a perfect view of the cross-sectioned sample. All necessary parameters of the cross-sectioned contacts can be measured and analyzed with the CrimpLab Standard software.

With the new SIS 6, all processing steps and motions have been minimized to increase efficiency and provide the fastest results. The SIS 6 can be used as a standalone system or mounted on a CrimpCenter automatic cut, strip, terminate machine. A variety of sample holders and the optional 0.2 mm VHM cutting blade make it possible to process many different crimp contacts on the SIS 6.