Clock thermostats from Theben


OpenTherm, analogue or digital clock thermostat? Whatever you want to use a programable thermostat for, Theben has the right device for you. The preinstalled temperature profile can be quickly and easily adjusted via the onscreen clear text display on the digital programable thermostat. Heating pumps, underfloor heating and radiators can all be controlled via RAMSES clock thermostats. With the analogue clock thermostats you can individually set the daily or weekly program using day tappets in the segment discs. Theben analogue clock thermostats can also control heating pumps, underfloor heating or thermal actuators easily and efficiently via a relay contact. An overview of Theben digital and analogue programable thermostats:



  • Text-based
    operator guidance
  • 3 pre-set time programs
  • Automatic
    summer/winter time changeover



  • Setting range from 6 - 30 °C
  • Programming via tappet
    or segments
  • Manual switching possible



  • Weather or room
    temperature dependent
  • With domestic water control
  • Modem interface
    for installation
    in holiday homes