Switches - Everel

thumb A11631G21000 resize 90 80Rocker switches
Full range of rocker switches with standard or customized sizes


thumb R11G61000 resize 90 80Rotary switches
Suitable for thermostats and heating appliances, many different electrical schemes available, up to 8 positions


thumb B4MASK48N1VU000 resize 90 80Water-resistant switches
Water-resistant switches are the ideal solution for all out-door uses where robustness, resistance and a high level of dust, moisture and splash protection are required. A perfect care on manufacturing, assembling and tested and reliable mechanism, guarantee up to IP 65 protection degree and a working life of at least 300,000 cycles.

thumb STF76A1 resize 90 80Power connectors
A wide range of sockets meets the required European standard IEC


thumb R Fit Blu resize 90 80Push-button switches
Rich variety of push-button switches, with or without light, many sizes available, single or double pole. Round, square or rear panel switches, easy to mount, they have a rich variety of accessories. Robust and reliable, they guarantee high performances even in difficult working conditions.

thumb LF34A3000 resize 90 80Slide switches
Slide intermediate switches, from 2 up to 5 positions, for under panel uses, with ratings till 8A


thumb COK1211A200 resize 90 80Hairdryer switches
The 3 positions switches control the different levels of engine speed and the power of resistances.