Transfer Anlage

Transfer Systems

Automatic modular cable processing solutions, with flexible configuration for wide range of applications - advantage Schleuniger's huge experience in processing even the most delicate applications. Schleuniger implement their prooven standard processes in fully automatic transfer system, manufactured especially for your specific production neccesities and requirements.

TransferLine is based on flexable, individually addaptive modular system. The mechanical, pneumatical and electrical interfaces are designed to allow easy addaptation to existing systems and installation, as well as and adding up new modules.

Some of the main functions are:

  • Basic processes as cutting & stripping of cables and insulations
  • Color recognition and positioning, thanks to the camera system of Schleuniger
  • Crimping or welding of loose piece terminals, or reel type crimp terminals
  • Feeding and assembling of connectors
  • Monitoring systems with video monitoring of the crimp force and main quality patameters
  • Printers: laser, thermo transfer, inkjet
  • Wire stackers with the length of up to 10m, including the possibility for cable coiling and cable binding systems
  • Cycle time: 2-3 seconds, depending on configuration and cable length
  • Cable length: from 150mm to 10 m
  • Basic modules with ranges of: 6 / 9 / 12 or 15 processing stations
  • Much more ...