TTP 4000

TTP 4000 F hires col fr

Thermo Transfer Printing

The TTP 4000 is a programmable thermal transfer printer for high precision wire marking and meets even the most demanding quality requirements. Its innovative printing process allows automatic processing of cables with an outer diameter from 2 – 15 mm with outstanding results. The thermal transfer printing process of the TTP 4000 opens up a whole range of wire marking possibilities: from texts to barcode and graphics such as logos – all in excellent resolution for maximum readability.

  • Marking of cables with texts, barcode and graphics (e.g. logos)
  • Circumferential marking possible
  • Can be operated as stand-alone benchtop unit or be integrated in automatic processing lines
  • Simple programming 
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Inkjet Printer

  • alphajet evo pico tempoPrint up to 8 lines

  • Type height 0,8 - 15 mm; 48 Pixels max

  • Speed: max. 460 m/min. (5x5 Matrix)

  • Ink nozzle size: 55 µm or 70 µm

  • Text composition: automatic time and date functions, numbering (with autostop), textlist function, consecutive numbering, Barcodes, Data Matrix Codes,Logos etc.; True Type Fonts, optional customized software

  • 10,4" TFT-Touchscreen Display 800 x 600 px with user-friendly interface (WYSIWYG)

  • IP 65 protection class (no compressed air required

  • Interfaces USB; Ethernet; RS 232; Network-capable; Potential free programmable alarm relay; digital

  • I/O Port with 8 inputs und 4 outputs

  • Integrated solvent recovery i.e. efficient and ecological sonsumption figures

  • 1-liter-bottles for ink and solvent

  • No compressed air require

  • easy to service

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HotStamp 4140

HS 4140 webHot Stamp Marking Machine

The HotStamp 4140 is designed for economical high quality marking of wires, cables and tubing. Character combinations and character sizes are freely selectable. Although primarily used for marking wires and cables, the HotStamp 4140 is suitable for marking all sorts of thermoplastic materials.

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HotStamp 4500

HS 4500 webHot Stamp Marking Machine

The HotStamp 4500 marks wires and cables up to 15 mm (0.59") outer diameter. Designed for inline-processing, the compact machine can handle a wide range of insulation types including PVC, Teflon®, Tefzel®, Cross-linked, SXL and GXL.

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