StripCrimp 200

SC 200

Stripper-Crimper Machine

Get to know one of the most flexible stripper crimper machines: The fully programmable StripCrimp 200. This machine is most suitable for high precision stripping and subsequent crimping of side- or rear-feed terminals for wires between 30 - 12 AWG (0.05 – 4.00 mm²). The strip and crimp machine StripCrimp 200 captivates by great flexibility and user-friendly operation. The machine is highly suitable as a semi-automatic stripper crimper or within fully automatic transfer systems and runs fast, quietly and safely.

  • Fully programmable stripping unit with wayback and recut function
  • Economical & user-friendly
  • Quick-release applicator base plate for easy change-over
  • Job memory for all cable parameters and functions
  • Split cycle capability for closed barrel contacts
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