Uni-S Applicator

Uni S Pneum Side Ferrule

The Uni-S is the latest generation crimp applicators for use in both automatic and semi-automatic benchtop crimping machines. Banded terminals of open or closed barrel construction with either metal or plastic carriers can easily be processed.

  • Economically priced applicators to handle practically all terminal and feed types
  • Rugged construction and simple set up to ensure long life and high quality results
  • Includes convenient micro-adjust dials, a 6-digit counter and one additional set of tooling
  • For use on automatic terminating machines as well as benchtop crimping presses

Application Range:

The Uni-S family of applicators are designed for use with side- and end-feed, banded terminals of open or closed barrel construction. Handling and set up is as easy as ever. The Uni-S is suitable for use on automatic wire processing systems as well as on benchtop presses for terminals with either metal, plastic or Mylar tape carrier strips.

  • Open barrel terminals on metal carrier strips, with or without weather seals
  • Pre-insulated terminals on plastic or Mylar tape carrier strips
  • Front, middle or center carrier strips
  • Insulated end ferrules in strip form
  • Open barrel end ferrules (clips) in strip form
  • Wire splice terminals

Technical Data:

Feed type: Mechanical or pneumatic

Press stroke: 40 or 30 mm (1.57" or 1.18") (other strokes available on request)

 Cross section range: 0.08 – 6 mm2 (28 – 10 AWG)

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