Products, solutions and services - innovative products to reduce costs, increase efficiency and quality. Cutting, stripping, crimping, block loading and marking of cables of all types - with Schleuniger machines in an attractive design. The range of cables which can be processed, is huge and depends on your needs. Short setup times, high flexibility, a networkable software and the intuitive operation of our machines complement with our wide range of accessories.

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Fully automatic wire and cable crimping machines for cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing, twisting and tinning.


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Wire strip crimp machines, seal crimp systems, wire crimping machines, crimp applicators, pull testers more.


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External center strip unit for Cut & Strip and Cut Strip Terminate machines.


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Automatic wire cutters for processing wire and cable, as well as tubing and profiles.

Crimp Quality

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Crimp force monitoring, crimp height measuring, pull force testing and micrograph systems.


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Wire and cable strippers for single wire, multi-conductor cable, coax and optical fiber applications.

Cut & Strip

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Automatic wire cutters and strippers designed to cut and strip various types of wire and cable applications.


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Optional software packages to enhance machine utilization or data transfer.