RoadShow 2018

RoadShow 2018 Dear Colleagues, We would like to invite you on the RoadShow 2018 - mobile presentation and demonstration of Schleuniger machines, which will take place from 01.10.2018 (Monday) up to 05.10.2018 (Friday), at the following locations: 01.10.2018 - in Botevgrad - at the parking slot in front of the companies Sensata and IMI (Industrial Zone Microelectronica) - 9:00 - 17:00h 02.10.2018 - in Ruse, at the parking of Metro shop (bul. 3-ti Mart 60) -  9:00 - 17:00h 03.10.2018 - in Stara Zagora, at the parking of Metro shop (ul. Hrishtiyan Voyvoda 30) - 9:00 - 17:00h 04.10.2018 - in Plovdiv, at the parking of Metro shop (Trakiya) (bul. Sankt Peterburg 135) - 9:00 - 17:00h 05.10.2018 - in Sofiq, at the parking or Metro Sofia 1 shop (bul. Tzarigradsko Shose 7-11 km) - 9:00 - 17:00h The demonstration will be performed at place, as the special trailer is respectfully and the presentation area, and it will be equipped with the following machines: UniStrip 2300 - stripping machine for single wire cables UniStrip 2600 - stripping machine for single or multi-core wire cables RotaryStrip 2400 - stripping and twisting machine CoaxStrip 5200 - stripping machine for coaxial cables StripCrimp 200 - strip-crimp machine EcoStrip 9380 - cut-strip machine MultiStrip 9480 MR - cut-strip machine with a rotary incision head Mercury 4 - laser stripping machine Saw Inspect System 6 - micrograph laboratory for cross-section analysis and quality control PullTester 25 - pull tester device for quality control You are welcomed, also to bring your samples to be tested at place, or to bring documentation for your projects, that we can discuss together. We will be very glad that you take the time to visit us at the most convenient place and time for you. We are looking forward to meet you!

Mercury-4 – High-performance laser stripping machine with compact design

The Mercury-4 strips wires and cables ranging in size from 0.0010 to 16 mm2 (50 to 6 AWG). Using the color touchscreen, the operator selects the desired stripping parameters from the programmed library and all parameters (strip lengths, laser power and speed, etc.) are automatically set. Once the operator selects the required program, the machine is ready for operation. The Mercury-4 can strip cables inserted into the supplied fixture aperture to an end stop, or via a custom fixture plate. A camera allows the whole process to be monitored. High quality, nick-free stripping Strips all polymer materials and colors Non-contact – no wear parts 0.0010 to 16 mm2 (50 to 6 AWG) Powerful and flexible processing capabilities 20 watt CO2 Laser  

CrimpLab 2

  The CrimpLab 2 software is designed specifically for analysis of cross sectioned terminals. The latest version has many enhancements making cross section analysis easier than ever. With the CrimpLab 2 Standard software users can measure all critical crimp dimensions using simple measurement tools. The CrimpLab 2 Automatic software features an automatic contour recognition function allowing users to measure all cross section dimensions of standard B-crimps automatically with just a few clicks. Automatic measurements can be taken in a fraction of the time required by manual measurement so efficiency can be significantly increased using the CrimpLab 2 Automatic software. Separate jobs can be created including critical dimensions and tolerances for each terminal and wire size combination. Job information contains which measurements are required for that particular job since different customers might have different requirements. The user can instantly see if the measurements pass or fail. When all measurements are taken, a complete report in a clear format can be quickly generated and saved. Reports are in .pdf format. They include photos and all dimensions compared to nominal values and tolerances. Quick measurements are also possible for samples not loaded into jobs. CrimpLab 2 analysis software makes section analysis simple, fast and traceable.

EcoStrip 9380

The EcoStrip 9380 is the capable entry level machine for cut & strip applications that need to meet professional standards. The EcoStrip 9380’s economical price point, along with its high level of cut & strip quality, makes it the perfect choice for both newcomers and cut & strip professionals alike. The EcoStrip 9380 cleverly combines the latest technologies with Schleuniger’s industry renowned precision, making it easier than ever to process a wide range of entry level applications. Three-in-one feeding unit The EcoStrip 9380 offers expanded capabilities. It can be configured with rollers or belt feeding and the configuration can be quickly and easily changed by the operator. The unique 3-position design of the optional belt feeding system further enhances the customer’s capabilities and can be set for normal mode, roller mode or short mode processing – depending upon the application. Excellent price-performance RatioIn terms of performance, the EcoStrip 9380 exceeds previous models by approximately 20 percent. It has the ability to process two wires in parallel and is also compatible with a full range of pre- and post-processing accessories, which turn the stand-alone machine into a fully automatic processing line. Blades and guides of the original EcoStrip 9300 model can be used with the new EcoStrip 9380. Easy to useThe EcoStrip 9380 is easily operated via the 5.7" color touchscreen and underlying Schleuniger S.ON software. This user interface is now standard across the entire line of Schleuniger cut & strip products. This standardization makes it easier than ever for customers to expand capabilities and transition to new, higher level cut & strip machines without having to learn a new user interface. Uncompromisingly precise All driven axes of the EcoStrip 9380 are powered by Schleuniger’s proven electronic platform, Bricks. The machine is also equipped with a high resolution blade holder and feeding drive axes as well as precise guide parts, which can be quickly changed without the use of any tools.  


The MultiStrip 9480 family offers six machine versions to cover a wide range of applications andbudgets. With many additional options and accessories the MultiStrip 9480 is the most versatile cut & strip platform on the market. The MultiStrip 9480 family offers six machine versions to cover a wide range of applications andbudgets. With many additional options and accessories the MultiStrip 9480 is the most versatile cut & strip platform on the market. The fully programmable rotary incision unit (on MR, RS, RSX and RX versions) allows easy processing of high precision coaxial and Multi-layer applications. Additional features, such as our multi-position cutter head, create a nearly endless range of application possibilities. Each machine can be easily interfaced with Schleuniger’s vast line of integrated accessories to create a fully automatic wire processing production line. Expand your capabilitiesWith features like our multi-position cutter head, application possibilities are nearly endless. Maximize your productivityMinimize your changeover time and maximize your production. Save time with fast and easy setups. Simplify your programmingEach of the six machine versions featurea powerful control software. The unique programming concept will impress both experts and beginners. Precision is our passionDon‘t waste time and money on inaccurate wire processing. Be precise. At Schleuniger

CoaxCenter 6000

The CoaxCenter 6000 was first presented to the public this spring at the Internepcon exhibition in Tokyo, where it attracted considerable interest amongst the visitors. The machine was designed to fulfil the modern communication society's increased data transfer demands in terms of data volume and data security and the resulting growing requirements on antenna components. As a result, assemblers of such cables are increasingly coming up against limits, because the required length tolerances can hardly be fulfilled using manual or semi-automatic tools. Hence, the cable ends must be checked systematically and without errors. In particular, it was important to exclude human sources of error, because even the slightest contact with the cable end can bend it and render the cable unusable. The CoaxCenter 6000 systematically integrates and automates all the confection steps on a highly flexible machine platform. For the customer, this results in numerous benefits: The machine offers the highest degree of stripping accuracy of all the solutions that are currently available on the market Fully automatic monitoring of the stripping results using QCam 360 Production protocol with all the relevant process parameters including 3D images Maximum degree of flexibility with regard to the integration of additional process steps, such as crimping, tinning, and window stripping    

WireTwister 3300 D

The WireTwister 3300 D is an efficient machine for twisting single wires into twisted pairs. Thanks to it’s dual head design, the WireTwister 3300 D achieves high production performance compared to a single head design. A touchscreen user interface makes it easy to enter and edit all twisting settings in a very short time. The moveable carriage with the two right side wire holders can be set in a precise position for the initial wire length. The ergonomic access to the wire holders and start buttons on the cabinet and carriage allows quick and easy operation of the machine. Automatic moveable safety shields in front of the rotating wire holders provide safe and comfortable operation. Simple UI system for easy operation Program capacity up to 1‘000 programs Optional scanning function benefits to search jobs easily Different machine lengths for different twisting wire lengths    

Roadshow 2016

During October, company Seno organizes a Road Show Event 2016 for presentation and demonstration of Schleuniger machines, that will be held up between 03.10.2016 and 07.10.2016 on the following locations:03.10.2016 - Sofia - Inter Expo Center, bul. Tzarigradsko Shose 147- between 9:00h and 17:00h04.10.2016 - Radinovo village, Manucipality of Plovdiv (on the square, in front of the City Hall) - between 9:00h and 17:00h06.10.2016 - Varna - the parking of "Zarneni Hrani" AD, ul. Usta Kolyo Ficheto 21 - between 9:00h and 17:00h07.10.2016 - Ruse - Square "Svoboda", ul. Petko D. Petkov (next to Danube Plaza Hotel) - between 9:00h and 13:00h The demonstration will be held at place inside and in the area around the specialized trailer, which will be equipped with the following machines: MultiStrip 9480 MR, EcoStrip 9380, ShieldCut 8100, UniStrip 2600, UniStrip 2300, RotaryStrip 2400, CoaxStrip 5200 It will be our pleasure, when you can visit us and share some of your valuable time, so we can discuss together the possibilities of all the exhibited machines, in regards to the needed cable processing in your production.We will be glad also if you bring some cable samples, that we can process for you or to discuss together specific cable applications for which you need a solution.We are looking forward to meet you!

ShieldCut 8100

Unrivaled flexibility for cable shield cuttingThe ShieldCut 8100 is an unrivaled and flexible semi-automatic machine to cut the braided shielding of round and out-of-round cables. The machine is controlled over a color touchscreen that is easy to use. The intuitive menu guidance guarantees short training times and minimizes input errors. All the production data can be saved and retrieved at any time. Ingenious:A rotating brush combs out the braided shield strands. Subsequently the shield strands are cleanly cut between a rotating blade and a fixed blade.Flexible:The supplied standard guide set enables a wide range of cable diameters to be processed. The clamping jaws and blades are universal and do not have to be changed for different cable sizes.Repeatable:The ShieldCut 8100 is equipped with reliable drives and high-performance control software for repeatable, high-quality results that cannot be achieved with manual shield processing.Intuitive:The machine is equipped with a high-definition 7-inch color touchscreen. The user Interface is clearly arranged and features symbols that are easily understood.

S.WOP – S.oftware for Wire Optimized Production

S.WOP – S.oftware for Wire Optimized ProductionThe software solution S.WOP takes over the planning and monitoring of all wire processing machines. S.WOP extracts data from the order management system (e.g. ERP) and compiles consistent orders. These are grouped according to the best workflow principle and assigned to individual machines. In particular this enables clients with various order volumes and small batch sizes to produce more efficiently and to have access to relevant production- and machine data. Your benefits Administration work and intermediate storage are reduced by S.WOP. Even surpluses are eliminated due to demand-driven manufacturing. Raw material and machine capacities are used to their optimum capacities. Bar code scanning has consigned set-up errors to history. By process control users are encouraged to capture measurement values according to specified rules and to adhere to tolerances. Tooling maintenance thresholds are also monitored. Process transparency Low paper production Production monitoring Reduced lead times Increased productivity Raw material and machine capacities are fully utilizedThe technical options are specified in detail in the machine administration and this is used to check whether the machine is appropriate for an order. Not only new orders are taken into consideration but also those which have already been assigned to a machine. If faults arise orders are reassigned. The system recognizes downtime through the machine administration. These orders are then assigned to other machines in the next optimization process.Achieving the objective with less effort Kanban enables demand-driven manufacturing. This means that stocks of semifinished goods are reduced thereby ensuring required stocks are available at the right time. Kanban orders are generated automatically by the system when booking parts out of stock. The number of these orders is determined automatically from the current inventory stock, the weekly requirement and the security stock.Transparent ProductionThe set-up parameters for all operating equipment are specified in the machine administration for each machine connected to S.WOP. A Gantt Diagram visualizes the result and graphically displays the spread and sequencing of orders with their duration via a timeline. The tooling administration logs all tooling movements in a long-term archive and enhances the data with information on equipment use and its wear and tear. S.WOP records the production process together with the serial and batch numbers of the materials deployed together with inventory numbers of tools used. Quality assurance measures are directly integrated into the process.